Legal notice

The lawyers named below operate their practice under the trade name “Goemans, De Scheemaecker & De Wit Advocaten” or “GDS Advocaten”. This operation is a cooperation between lawyers as defined in Articles 170.3 and 173 of the Association of Flemish Bar Associations’ (OVB) Code of Professional Conduct (“Codex Deontologie”), published in the Belgian Official Journal (Moniteur belge – Belgisch Staatsblad) of 1 March 2017. Each member of the cooperation is a registered member of the Antwerp Bar Association (“Orde van Advocaten te Antwerpen”) and is subject to the rules of the Association of Flemish Bar Associations (OVB, “Orde van de Vlaamse Balies”) ( The incidental use of the word “partner” refers solely to the member’s participation in the cooperation and has no specific legal meaning whatsoever in the sense of company law or any other branch of the law. The lawyers in the cooperation are Benoît Goemans, Laurent De Scheemaecker, Ralph De Wit and Mia Wouters. The first, third and fourth named practice by means of a company, respectively Benoît Goemans BVBA, De Wit & Co Advocaten BVBA and Advocaat Mia Wouters BVBA.

The practice of the lawyer’s profession by means of a company does not deter in any way from the lawyer’s personal liability towards the client for personal breach of duty and negligence. The contractual relationship client–lawyer exists as between the client and the individual lawyer in the cooperation. Only this lawyer shall be potentially liable towards the client.

Each lawyer in the cooperation carries professional liability insurance for any breach of duty or negligence vis-à-vis the client. The insurance cover is limited to € 2,500,000 (to be reduced with the costs of defense). Potential liabilities established by courts in the USA and in Canada are excluded from coverage. A higher limit may be agreed upon if expressly so requested by the client and the lawyer’s consent to such higher limit shall derive only from an express confirmation in writing from the lawyer. The liability of any lawyer in the cooperation is limited to the effective payment (minus costs of defense) by the insurer. An insurance certificate is available at first request, with no charge.